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Circle TD Trollforged 3.7.0

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3.7.0 have enhanced the terrain, improved triggers to remove leaks to reduce desyncs and other bugs, adjusted a few spells to reduce lag and some other minor changes.

The map adjusts itself so you can play alone as red or the with any number of players. Randomized enemies by default, more depth on each tower, more balanced than most TDs and has a hero version for each tower! Protect yourself from few to swarms of enemies. Build different towers that are good versus the different types of enemies and max them to upgrade them into heroes at round 32+.

The map is the on surface a tower defense where enemies are moving around in circles and you have to prevent too many from running in the circle. It's easy to just start playing, you build/upgrade towers, but be vary of early air. Mastering the map is a lot harder, mostly due to the randomized enemies and all the passive abilities your towers have. Good luck on dealing with the maps 80 total rounds!

There are useful quest found in the middle of the map. They are randomized provide individual rewards whenever you complete a part of them. There are 6 quests and 4 parts for each. If your team completes enough unique quest parts you gets team benefits.

2.4.1+ properly supports both reforged and classic graphics.

Join the maps discord for more info, to give feedback and you can find all versions over there. That includes beta and the newest test versions.

Last updated

29 March, 2024

Suggested players

1 - 10




120 x 120


Warcraft 3: Reforged compatible

This is an official map. The map is updated and suppported by: trollbolt . Join us on discord to get in touch with the map developers.

This map is compatible with Warcraft 3: Reforged.

This is the newest available map version.

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Circle TD Trollforged 3.7.0 newest version
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Circle TD Trollforged 2.9.0
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Circle TD Trollforged 2.9.0 - Warcraft 3 Custom map: Mini map


1.9b has a crashfix on murloc, some bug fixes and minor balance changes
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Green_Circle_TD_Trollforged_1.9.1 - Warcraft 3 Custom map: Mini map
Circle TD Trollforged 3.7.0 - Warcraft 3: Mini map

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