[U9 Duncreed] Anime Dungeon Final Fully Completed Last Version

[U9 Duncreed] Anime Dungeon Final Fully Completed Last Version - Warcraft 3: Custom Map avatar

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game uptime duo/trio (each soloing!) = 9+ hrs! nn -Create (-Clear/-Dice) nn previous version; https://maps.w3reforged.com/maps/categories/role-play-game-rpg/anime-dungeon-rpg-final-911055 nn wolf afk farming at beggining was worth it! says new player! nn 200+ go to t2 npc in town than go kill the boss! rng drop for it is low! nn salamander/koopa/bronze dragon/ultralisk/mummy is very low drop rate! nn wolf area = lvl 20-40, tiger area = lvl 40-80, treasure hideout area = lvl 80-200, cow area = lvl 200-300 nn 4 hrs get lvl 300 approximately! another 4 hrs to gear part of 4th boss list! nn bosses only drop x1 material!

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soloable till dragon bosses!!




220 x 220


Warcraft 3: Reforged compatible

Not yet tested with Warcraft 3: Reforged.

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