Disillusion RPG (DisRpg v.A7)

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※Save replay to show evidence to other player.
Official Channel: Clan Dis
Official Cafe: cafe.naver.com/wariiirpg
Based on Grabiti's RPG Creator .
Model Source: 따해, S.C.V, UU9, 고블린아카데미
Thank You All !!!!!!!!!!.

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07 December, 2018

Suggested players

2~10 player


Sunken Ruins


308 x 309


Warcraft 3: Reforged compatible

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This map is compatible with Warcraft 3: Reforged.

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Disillusion RPG (DisRpg v.A7) newest version
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※리플레이가 없으면 벤처리 될 수 있습니다.
공식 채널: Clan Dis
공식 카페: cafe.naver.com/wariiirpg
Grabiti's RPG Creator 기반입니다.
모델 출처: 따해, S.C.V, UU9, 고블린아카데미,좀비
모두 분들께, 감사를 드립니다.
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DisRPGv.B1.19FF_fix3 - Warcraft 3 Custom map: Mini map
Disillusion RPG (DisRpg v.A7) - Warcraft 3: Mini map

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