[CDR]The World Season 4 v0.18d


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Genre: RPG
Original by: Keekero
Code Compatibility: S4 v0.13c ~
[rEditorr] Clanhinata
[rVersionr] r0.21b
r[rDrop Rater] r-idrp , -idrpm
r[rExp Rater] r-expr
r[rPowderr] rYeti Drop Powder
r[rField Bossr] rRemove Drop Delay
r[rBossr] rAdding Beta Version of Resummon Bosses Using Command
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10 players




348 x 348


Warcraft 3: Reforged compatible

Not yet tested with Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Map versions
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[CDR]The World Season 4 v0.18d latest version
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[CDR] The World S4 v0.21c

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Default loading screen

[CDR] The World S4 v0.21b - hotfix1

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[CDR] The World S4 v0.21b

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[CDR] The World S4 v0.20a

Genre: RPG [rOriginalr] Keekero r [rEditorr] Clanhinata r Code Compatibility: S4 v0.13c ~ Presented by wc3edit.net

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[CDR]r The World S4 v0.19g

[rEditorr] Clanhinata [rVersionr] r0.19fr [rOriginalr] rKeekeror

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[CDR]The World Season 4 v0.16f

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