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NADREX v1.41

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Designed for patch 1.26!
NOT FOR REFORGED!! The trees might not appear on Reforged. The AoS is mainly designed for 1.26 or pre-reforged versions of Warcraft 3!

-the Overlord Towers do not engage enemies outside of their rooms anymore.

-the Overlord  Towers do not drop Tokens of Life anymore.

-Claire the Forest Warden has been reworked into Naeegor the Tectonic King, now a melee hero based on Strength instead of Agility. Stats from Agility gained per level were reduced from 2.40 to 2.10. Stats from Strength gained per level were increased from 1.60 to 3.20. Abilities were changed as following: Feather Grounder into Geoaxe - Unleashes a shockwave that deals magic damage to all enemies hit and teleports Naeegor at the initial targeted location. Can be cast from 1500 range and if it's cast from a lower range, the shockwave will continue to raze the ground until it reaches 1500 range. Nature Guardians into Diagonal Rupture - Slams the ground, causing a diagonal rupture on it for a set amount of time. Enemies near the rupture will take 35 magic DPS or 70 magic damage if they are inside. Feral Accuracy into Improved Ground Control - Naeegor' elderly experience grants him bonus attack damage and 40% chance to deal 30 bonus magic damage and mini-stun the hit enemy . The Diagonal Rupture ability inherits these effects when cast. Sharpened Shooter into Tectonic Assault - Maintains the same mechanics but its visuals were changed to fit the reworked hero.

-Outcast Tempori' "Chrono Bumper" ability has been reworked into "The Blazeator" - A gigantic orb of flames is launched towards 2300 range in the targeted direction, dealing magic damage to any foe it touches. Damaged enemies are also slowed by 30% for 3 seconds.

-Orstor' "Geo Blade" ability has been reworked into "Azure Runeblade. Azure ice infuses Orstor' runeblade, slowing the attack speeds of all nearby enemies by 35% for 4 seconds and causing him to release 5 instances of area physical damage. Enemies picked within 300 range to each instance will take physical damage based on Orstor' Strength.

-Orstor' ultimate "Chained Plague" has been changed into "Polar Plague", acts the same way but its effects uses frost magic now instead of death.

-fixed a bug causing Revitalizer Shard (item) passive ability to give only 7 area bonus armor instead of 8.

-Doctor Graves' "Bile Vial" area of effect rescaled from 100 to 240 at all levels.

-added a visually specific debuff effect for armor reductions.

-Jungle Creeps are now spawned after the first wave of Faction Creeps is spawned.

-the score multiboard and all buttons / abilities tooltips have a blending gray border and background related to the primary UI.

-Vial of Eternal Regeneration (item) heals the full amount now after 5 seconds instead of 2.

-Kredgor' "Rift Breaker" ability does not deal additional area damage when the units are pulled towards its center anymore.

-Morphonomic Butterfly (item) was changed into Glow Butterfly. Its passive was reworked into Glow Blast (stacks with attack morphers) - 12% chance per attack to stun the foe in place for 0.80 seconds and deal 90 bonus magic damage to it.

-Herronia the Woods Stalker has been reworked into Phineas the Sky Juggernaut. Current abilities were visually changed to fit the hero' theme but the ultimate was entirely reworked into "Heat-Seeking Interceptors" - releases a continuous barrage of damaging rockets towards all visible enemies within 1000 radius. Maximum level of Armament Boost is applied to Phineas during Heat-Seeking Interceptors. His 3rd ability was changed entirely. He has now, Conducted Lightning -- Redirects an unstable energy cone to the targeted enemy, slowing it down by 80% for a brief moment. When the slow is lifted, the target takes magic damage. Conducted Lightning dispels Phineas of all negative buffs when cast.

-Grave Mural (item) passive effect from "Death Wish" cannot be stacked.

-All passive and active components from items are now highlighted.







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12 February, 2024

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Warcraft 3: Reforged compatible

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This map is compatible with Warcraft 3: Reforged. This map only supports SD / Classic Graphics in Warcraft 3: Reforged.

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NADREX v1.41 - Warcraft 3: Mini map

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