Backland Wars AoS

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Backland Wars AoS
a AoS with 24 new heros and a special spawn/win mode. Enemy units try to get to your spawn areas. If they succes, the area loose one life. If it hasn't any life left, the unit spawn stops.

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10 November, 2018

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Lordaeron Summer


84 x 84


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Backland Wars AoS 2.11
Backland Wars AoS 2.11
Enter the Battlefield in the Backland with one of 32 unique heros. Each Hero has special, overworked abilities. You target is to defent your barraks and to destroy the enemy's ones. Play in team with other heros and you will win.
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Backland Wars AoS 2.11 - Warcraft 3 Custom map: Mini map

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