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Grenzkonflikt ref. v1.00

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Genre: MOBA / Hero Arena

Game Duration: 40 - 60 min



  • over 60 playable Heroes
  • different selectable game modes (events, military and more)
  • different selectable start gold
  • easy accessible itemsystem which prevents incorrect purchases regarding itemupgrades
  • large battlegrounds
  • 9 unique AI-Heroes with dubbed phrases (King's Guard)
  • texts are completely translated into english; most of the imported sounds are in german




Grenzkonflikt is a satirical funmap for Warcraft III reforged.
In this conflict you play as one of currently over 60 heroes for one side and try to overrun the enemy outpost with the help of the forces and bring down their king.

The map is designed for up to 10 players (5vs5) and furthermore the unoccupied slots can be filled with unique AI heroes.

The map features, among other diverse game modes, a beginner-friendly item system, a dubbed intro and comments on special events as well as dubbed phrases of the AI heroes.

For a complete game experience, due to many graphical models, Warcraft reforged is required.





"Grenzkonflikt" is about the story of Jack, a sailor who wants to spend his well-deserved retirement as a lighthouse keeper on an northern island near the Teutonic coast.

But unfortunately nothing came of the well-deserved rest: Two rival kings, Dreckschmidt and Engelbrecht, fight each other day and night and the area is full of danger.

In addition, a mysterious portal to other worlds has recently appeared. The two kings took advantage of this opportunity to hire external mercenaries to crush their rivals once and for all.

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11 January, 2022

Suggested players

PvsAI or PvP



Lordaeron Fall


84 x 84


Warcraft 3: Reforged compatible

This is an official map. The map is updated and suppported by: Caddylac_Jack . Join us on discord to get in touch with the map developers.

This map is compatible with Warcraft 3: Reforged.

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Grenzkonflikt ref. v1.00 - Warcraft 3: Mini map

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